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Red Carpet

The comedy show you can bring your dog to!
Past dog-loving performers include Iliza Shlesinger, Dave Anthony, Hasan Minhaj, Beth Stelling, Baron Vaughn, Cristela Alonzo, Jackie Kashian, Emily Heller, Julian Mccullough, Justin Willman, Hampton Yount, Allen Strickland Williams, Jake Weisman, Jamar Neighbors, and many more.


1st Sun of every month (dates subject to change). Tailwaggers Pet store in Hollywood. 

7pm red carpet. 7:30pm comedy show
Tickets are $7 (cash only!)


Hosted by Monique Madrid,

Comet the Pup, 

plus a rotation of guest co-hosts (the “other girl”).

Proceeds of our live show benefit

The Tailwaggers Foundation.


To get booked, book us, donate a raffle prize, become a sponsor, or to help you raise money for your event, email us at!





Monique Madrid

The 2 Girls 1 Pup show is hosted by comedian, writer and actress 

Monique Madrid. She got her start performing improv in Kansas City followed by spending 10 years immersed in the Chicago comedy scene. Besides writing for Splitsider, producing for The Second City Network, and acting in film festval favorites, Monique has produced numerous special events and written custom comedy content for several Fortune 500 companies. You can read more about her work producing events for non-profits and fundraising for a

variety of causes here.


Seeing is believing,

Check us out!


The 2 Girls 1 Pup show

has been made possible

by the generous support of our awesome sponsors.


Want to add your name

to this list?

Become A Sponsor


The 2 Girls 1 Pup show

would not be possible without these amazing volunteers and staff

thank you!

Think we'd be a great fit for your next fundraiser, brand, or event? 



On The Street:


“Two Girls One Pup is always the best show! Monique & Comet have all sorts of fun games & prizes to make every show a unique, interactive experience! PLUS DOGS EVERYWHERE!” - Brandie Posey (comedian - Lady to Lady, Picture This!)

“Dogs are man's best friends, and who better to enjoy a comedy show with than your best friend?” - Ian Abramson (The Onion, Seven Minutes in Purgatory)

“I love hearing about how people found their dogs, just as many stories as there are pups! This is a fun podcast and not just about dogs of course!” - iTunes Review

Meet The Team
Frequently Asked Questions:




Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: YES! The question should be “Can my dog bring ME?”


Q: How do does my dog become a VIP (very important pup) on the Red Carpet?
A: All dogs are VIP! Every pup gets a chance to be pose on the red carpet for our PAWparazzi (photos are shared on our Facebook Page). Feel free to dress up, or come au naturale – the dogs ate least.


Q: Does my pup have to be on a leash?
A: Tailwaggers would prefer it and so would the other dogs who are trying to pay attention to the hilarious show. (Though if your buddy fits in your purse, we won’t tell if you won’t.)


Q: Where will my dog sit during the show?
A: Next to you! Or in your lap. The front row is also furnished with dog beds for any dog or owner who prefer the floor over a boring person chair.


Q: Can I bring my cat?
A: If you’d like it to be eaten by our producer Comet.


Q: Would your amazing producer Comet be interested in modeling my doggy clothing line or other dog-product?

A: Yes! Comet is a total sucker for free stuff.


Q: Can I bring my horse to the show?
A: You have a horse?! Wow! That must be really expensive. You should DONATE to THE TAILWAGGERS FOUNDATION since you clearly have money to burn.


Q: How do I get booked on your awesome show?
A: Comics interested in being booked should with a link to your website or clip. Our producer Comet will get back to you if he’s interested.


Q: Can 2 GIRLS 1 PUP come to my special event?
A: We love touring and helping you raise money for your pet charity or event. Email us at


Q: Who created 2 GIRLS 1 PUP?
A: 2 Girls 1 Pup was created by Monique Madrid and Lauren Ashley Bishop.


I have never done a show like this before. The audience is so warm and welcoming, I think, because they are bringing a piece of their home and life to the show with them and feel so comfortable and relaxed. 2 paws up! - Matt Donaher




Got a question? Want to work with us? Try our new Telepathy Form, you write in the boxes below and we'll read it with our minds! You can also send an email directly to To donate a raffle prize or become a sponsor of the show, please email Thanks!

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